We seem to be building a reputation amongst Cub Scout packs in River Forest, Illinois. For the second year in a row a group from that area has invited us to present our “What 2 Know B4 You Go!” workshop to their scouts. As was the case last year the program had to be split between two sessions to accommodate the schedule of the scouts.

Ron did the first presentation of the true-life stories on March 11. The young Scouts were very attentive and well-behaved, due for sure to good leadership in the pack and (as Ron was to learn at the April meeting) due also to obvious interest in the stories being told.

The second part of the program occurred on the 15th of April. When he began with a review of the stories that had been told a month earlier, all Ron could say was, “WOW!” The boys (and one enthusiastic older sister) REMEMBERED not only the stories, but also the lessons that the stories had taught–Be prepared, Don’t panic, Stuff one’s clothing like a scarecrow (You’ll have to see the program to understand that one), and more. They had actually LEARNED the basics necessary to avoid or handle an outdoor emergency.

The remainder of the evening found the group building the skeleton of a survival shelter and talking about finding water in a survival situation. Lack of time prevented us from exploring the lessons of firestarting with both a bowdrill and a flint and steel. So Ron went on to identify 6 essential items for a personal survival kit, 2 of which were given free to everyone present.

Overall, it was a informative and fun experience for everyone involved.