Ancient Skills Workshop

01Through the practice and perfection of skills and through respect for the Natural World, individuals come to feel secure in a wilderness environment. These workshops are designed to teach the practical and philosophical skills necessary to survive comfortably in any situation. Skills covered include: shelter building, food identification, water gathering, fire making, tool making, animal tracking, problem solving, walking and listening techniques, increased awareness and respect for the Natural World.

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Is there an age limit?

This workshop lends itself well to instruction of interested students from ages 11 to “elders”. Our experience is that the younger students bring energy to the group, while older participants support and encourage the young folks. It can indeed be a family experience. Imagine a tribal unit teaching, learning, and practicing the skills necessary for the village to survive.

Against that backdrop let us tell you about an 11 year-old named Noah who attended one of our Ancient Skills workshops with his dad. After the weekend, Noah’s mom sent us a note which we quote here with her permission:

“He had such a great time. He was so excited to share the funny stories, great adventures and all that he learned over the weekend (I finally had to tell him I needed some sleep). He woke early Monday morning and immediately said “Mom, I’ll be in the backyard building a shelter.” It is an amazing shelter but even more impressive is the confidence he has in himself and the initiative he is taking in other areas at home.

Thanks to you and all who helped put this together. The experience really touched his spirit and will be forever part of who he is.

Note: Because of the long hours involved, we have set the minimum age for this workshop at 11 years old. (If you would like to bring someone younger, you’ll need our approval, so let us know. We’ll keep an open mind and give you an honest answer.) Please note, however, that any student 16 and younger must be accompanied by an adult.

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05Animal Tracking Workshop

In the animal tracking workshop you will learn to identify the prints and gaits of local mammals, as well as the signs that they leave as they live and move in the natural world – food sources, dens, trails, scat, skeletons and more. Additional skills include walking, seeing and listening techniques as well as awareness skills that will enhance your identification of – and identification with – the animal you are tracking.


All weekend workshops include:

  • Meals, snacks, and beverages for your entire stay.
  • Instruction from an experienced faculty with a student/instructor ratio no greater than 6:1
  • All instructional materials

Short Courses

Throughout the year we are approached to present focused workshops on topics such as Animal Tracking; Shelter, Water, & Fire; Plants as Survival Tools; and more. Please check our schedule section to learn what Short Courses are presently being offered.