For the fifth consecutive year, Benedictine University hosted Nature Education Programs’ What 2 Know B4 You Go! wilderness preparedness workshop on its campus in Lisle, Illinois.

The audience was varied, consisting of adults, college students, and the girls and leaders of Girl Scout Troop 51507.  The Scouts were particularly involved, enthusiastically asking and answering questions and sharing their personal experiences.

Using six true-life stories, Ron was able to emphasize six critical lessons applicable to any type of outdoor endeavor, whether it be a wilderness canoe or backpacking trip or driving to Indianapolis for a high school reunion.  In addition to the six main lessons, a bunch of practical, potentially life-saving tips were dispensed: How long can you go without food or water in a survival situation?  At what temperature is hypothermia most likely to occur?  How could a squirrel’s nest help to save your life?  And more….

It was obvious that the audience enjoyed and benefited from the experience.

Thanks to Benedictine University and its Jurica-Suchy Nature Museum for offering this program to the community.