We just completed a great weekend workshop with 11 enthused, motivated, & good-humored students; 10 adults and master ridge pole-breaker* and bowl-maker, 11 year-old Noah.

The facilities, food, and staff at Camp Minikani in Wisconsin couldn’t have been better.  The weather felt as if it had been transplanted from early October to early November.  And the skills we taught–respect, awareness, fire by friction, shelter building, walking, seeing, and hearing techniques–challenged and rewarded the class.  Most students were asking for more.

We hope to offer another class in the spring of 2011, so keep your eye on our site and/or send us your name and we’ll put you on our mailing list.

*If you want to know what a ridge pole is and why or how you would want to break one, you’ll have to take our next class.  Or ask Noah.

Student comments:

“The course content [was something] I could not have gotten from books.  I loved the entire weekend.”

The food exceeded my expectations.

INSTRUCTORS [without naming names]
… Good storyteller…Very thoughtful and down to earth…Easy to talk to and entertaining. Nice to see that some people can laugh at themselves… Very personable guy. Great storyteller…Helpful as needed and interesting to talk to. Overall, a very diverse group that gave a lot of depth to the experience.”

“…the class was amazing it really opened up my mind to everything that’s out there that I’ve been missing…Overall the facility was excellent, couldn’t ask for a better place and great food.”

“…we covered quite a bit of useful info and how to slow down and see the entire picture of whatever situation you find yourself in…my wife told me I look different…I started thinking on everything we covered and come [sic] to the conclusion that I am different and always will be…I see how it all comes together a little more clearly. I gotta say it gives me a nice warm feeling inside.”

[From Noah’s Mom]:  “He had such a great time. He was so excited to share the funny stories, great adventures and all that he learned over the weekend (I finally had to tell him I needed some sleep :). He woke early Monday morning and immediately said “Mom, I’ll be in the backyard building a shelter.”  It is an amazing shelter but even more impressive is the confidence he has in himself and the initiative he is taking in other areas at home.

Thanks to you and all who helped put this together. The experience really touched his spirit and will be forever part of who he is.  Keep us on your mailing list – he wants to do it again!”